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Health equity for every employee

Factors that impede workplace production are not always easy to identify. The Model Office Blueprint leverages the ARDX® team’s expertise to enhance and build upon a company’s health equity program by addressing how an employee’s career is impacted by Social Determinants of Health.

As business leaders, it is imperative to understand the various Social Determinants of Health that are likely impacting your employees inside and outside the workplace.



Health disparities account for roughly $42 billion in lost production annually in the U.S.1


Higher revenue

Companies with above average diversity have higher revenues and outperform competitors by up to 35%.2


An individual’s health outcomes

Social determinants of health can affect up to 80% of an individual’s health outcomes.3


Are food insecure

In the U.S., 54 million people are food insecure and over 23 million live in food deserts.4


Decrease in violent crime

Crime and violence correlate with poor health outcomes as a 1% decrease in neighborhood violent crime has been associated with reduced death rates related to cardiovascular and coronary diseases.5


Shorter lifespan

Individuals in the U.S. with low incomes and those who are impoverished have a life expectancy that is, on average, about 11 years shorter than those in the top 1% of earned income.6

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About the Model Office Blueprint

ARDX® is committed to improving lives through the delivery of superior healthcare-related services to our customers that bridge the health equity gap across populations. By enhancing an organization’s existing employee assistance program, the blueprint helps companies improve employee health and wellbeing; increase retention and job satisfaction; boost productivity; and drive business ROI.

Addressing the Seven Social Determinants of Health

Food Access

Health Care Access & Quality

Neighborhood & Built Environment

Social & Community Context

Economic Stability


Education Access & Quality

How the Model Office Blueprint Works

The program entails strategic planning workshops led by an ARDX training manager covering topics that include Health Equity and Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace.

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