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Corporate Social Responsibility


Since the start of our company in 2006, ARDX has always encouraged all Associates to remain active within the communities we serve. As a government healthcare management and technology consulting firm, often times many of our Associates are located in various areas throughout the country. To ensure we are inspiring every ARDX Associate to get involved, ARDX has partnered with several national nonprofit organizations including the YWCA, United Way, Foodbank, Junior Achievements, and the Learning Enrichment Center to offer all Associates the opportunity to contribute to our overall mission of improving the health and wellbeing for our nation’s most vulnerable populations.

The ARDX® Foundation – Shining a Light on Mental Wellness

ARDX Foundation logo

With an unwavering commitment to improving the mental wellness of women and their families, ARDX launched the ARDX Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization dedicated to shining a light on mental wellness. The ARDX Foundation is helping transcend the stigma surrounding mental health by building a center of excellence for community integration, which is pro-actively addressing issues with positive mental wellness initiatives. Through various community outreach programs designed to build awareness, educate, engage, and integrate the resources that are available in our community, the ARDX Foundation is committed to transforming the lives of women and their families, enabling them to make their own mental wellness a top priority.

To learn more about the ARDX Foundation and to get involved, visit

Envision Lead Grow – Little girls with dreams become women with vision 

Headquartered in Norfolk, Virginia, Envision Lead Grow (ELG) is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization inspiring middle school girls to become entrepreneurs. Our vision is to transform communities of poverty into communities of prosperity through the promise of middle school girls. Since its inception in 2017, ELG has reached more than 1,282 middle school girls in 31 states with the support of over 9,500 local volunteer hours. By 2020, ELG will serve over 1,000 girls in 48 contiguous states through summer camps, mentoring, webinars, app-a-thons, and conferences focusing on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) infused entrepreneurship, leadership, college preparation and workforce development.

For more information about ELG and connecting with the mission, visit