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Chief Strategy Officer

Robert W. Wedertz is the Chief Strategy Officer at ARDX®. Mr. Wedertz is helping to shape the overall corporate strategy, defining key market shifts, driving deals, establishing partnerships, and overseeing the overall strategic planning and operational process. As an expert in business development and leadership, ARDX® will continue to thrive operationally and expand its’ abilities through Mr. Wedertz’s guidance.


As the Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Robert W. Wedertz brings a wealth of knowledge to ARDX®. He has extensive experience leading the development, refinement, and continuous execution of both government and commercially focused growth strategies for a large company (600+ employees and $173M of yearly revenue).

Before joining ARDX®, Mr. Wedertz led the strategy and growth activities for an industry-leading technology and professional service company.

Mr. Wedertz’s accomplishments are vast including his design and implementation of Customer Relationship Management IT ecosystem resulting in optimized lead generation, B2G relationship management, sales lifecycle, backlog and pipeline reporting, and KPI tracking for BD leads and Capture Managers.

As a leader in his field, Mr. Wedertz has experience in both the private and public sectors implementing Go to Market strategies, developing competitive pricing models, and leading Continuous Process Improvement initiatives for small and large companies.

As the CSO, Mr. Wedertz leads a diverse team of General Managers, Business Unit Leaders, and support staff focused on providing superior managed services and technology-enabled solutions to a myriad of government and private sector clients.

Mr. Wedertz is a United States Naval Academy graduate, received his MBA from the Naval Postgraduate School, and is PMP® certified.

Mr. Wedertz’s achievements and milestones have proven his ability to transform companies and position them for significant growth, profitability, and sustainability.

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Bookkeeping & Financial

Bookkeeping and financial management is vital to a healthy company. Making sure you have the most qualified bookkeepers is imperative as money is the life-source of every company.

Business Process Management

Concise and integrated business processes can make or break a company. How you manage your company’s processes will affect the bottom line from programs to people and the full operations.


Data Analytics

ARDX® Data Analytics Services are based on an adaptive and computational analysis of complex data to help businesses grow, create new value, and develop refined solutions.


Healthcare Policy Compliance

ARDX® provides a wide range of Healthcare Policy Compliance services through subject matter expertise, legal consulting, data analytics, and more.


Healthcare Policy Training

ARDX® provides advanced training and outreach solutions that include learning management development and implementation, platform design, development, hosting/sustainment, and communication support services.

Project Management

Project Management is critical to smooth operations for all businesses. Whether it’s complex or simple projects, all programs and projects should be organized, run smoothly, and stay on budget. Our project management services offer this and more.

Quality Assurance & Testing

Quality assurance and testing is part of product and service integrity. Outsourcing this part of your business can save you countless dollars and time for years to come.


Technology Services

ARDX® robust Technology Services offer our clients great solutions like REGTAP, Registration for Technical Assistance Portal software, for organizations needing to convey, educate, and utilize domain expertise to evangelize their service mission.

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See the results of our teamwork