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In the evolving industry of federal healthcare consulting, as in life, it takes individuals who are resilient and can persevere through challenges to grow to their highest potential. Here are a few key success traits and behaviors that we look for in our candidates.


Emotional Intelligence. Recognize, monitor, and manage one’s own and others’ emotions with an understanding that emotions guide thinking and behavior – especially when under pressure.
Intellectual Acumen. Deal with concepts and complexity comfortably. Can learn and decipher new knowledge, and assimilate new skills independently.
Professional Resilience. Thrive in situations of high demand and ongoing pressure, and use those situations as opportunities for learning and personal growth.
Relational Energy. Impart positivity, motivation, and inspiration to colleagues through social interactions and relational experiences.
Collaboration. Work effectively with others to achieve common goals through the sharing of ideas, skills, and resources.


Produce High-Quality Work
Accomplish Personal and Professional Goals
Do More than Expected
Seek Out and Use Feedback to Improve Performance
Foster Collaborative and Helpful Relationships with Others
Exhibit Passion and Enthusiasm for Work
Persistent and Resilient when Faced with Challenges 
Proactively Address and Solve Problems
Contribute to Positive Morale