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“Imagining a world with health equity is a world with equitable education”

– Dr. Angela Reddix

“Living in a community with quality K-12 educational systems improves the odds of going to college, which matters because almost without exception, higher socioeconomic status leads to better health outcomes,” Mouzon says. Getting a college degree makes people more likely to earn higher-paying jobs, which also are more likely to provide health insurance, she points out. “Those with higher levels of quality education also tend to have better health literacy, which makes it easier for them to understand and therefore act upon basic health-related information,” Mouzon adds.

ARDX partners with federal, state, and local governments, non-profit and for-profit organizations to develop and manage policies, systems, and programs that make lasting impacts for all generations.


Healthcare Academies partnered with the public school system to focus on introducing and encouraging, a lifestyle of activity, fitness, and improved eating habits, leading to a decrease in obesity, which lead to a decrease in chronic health issues, which lead to an increase in self-esteem, and a decrease in the propensity for bullying and violence.  Impact better school performance.

Conducting Healthcare Academies in communities enables populations to have productive careers and lifestyles by incorporating physical and mental health as a priority in their life.

ARDX® has trained low-income youth from the Jobs for Youth program for two years on healthcare and on translating paper documentation to a digital format. ARDX® placed the youth in positions that allowed them to apply the knowledge and skills they gained during the training.

ARDX® has brought its experience in training, healthcare, and partnership development to underserved youth populations in the Hampton Roads area with Healthcare Academy programs in multiple elementary schools, Neighborhood Networks of the Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Neighborhood Networks program, churches, YWCA of South Hampton Roads, and the Family Investment Center.

The focus of the Healthcare Academy is to educate youth on national healthcare and social issues such as obesity, nutrition, fitness, self-image, gang violence, and suicide in a way that engages them in learning and changing behaviors or seeking help.

The healthy living sessions are designed after popular media themes to creatively promote health awareness as well as demonstrate how healthy choices can be incorporated into their personal lives as youth. The three sessions were entitled, “So You Think You Can Dance,” “Queen’s Kitchen” and the “Next Role Model.”