We’re more than just a consulting company that serves Government and Commercial clients.

Much more.

ARDX is an experience.

ARDX | Agile ● Responsive ● Dependable ● eXperts


ARDX is a best-in-class experience that provides our public and private clients, team and community with agility, responsiveness, dependability and proven expertise.


We strive to exceed the goals of our clients, team and community to achieve their mission.

We measure our success by the impact we have on the health, efficiency, security, and quality of our nation’s  communities.


Clients and Partners say ARDX is different from other management and technology consulting organizations.

Our innovation and creativiy has no limits in delivering to your unique challenges.

“Everyone on the ARDX side did a great job supporting our two teleconferences.”

“Thank you to your team for your dedication and attention to detail resulting in the success to our mission.”

“I appreciated the help and support they provided to the team during my tenure on the project. This is my 9th project and I have worked with other project coordinators, however, ARDX associates are stellar examples of a team that makes a positive difference when working under pressure. Even when I was adapting to the project, they remained cordial and efficient. Great Team!”

“Many thanks for the quick turnaround. As always, it’s a pleasure working with the ARDX team.”

“Everyone on the ARDX side did a great job supporting our two teleconferences.”

“Thank you so much for being so responsive….every time I ask for anything they (ARDX) give it to me instantaneously.”

“Wow! You guys are great. These sessions allowed us to do something that would have taken much longer without your excellent guidance, and facilitation.”


At ARDX, we work hard at providing proven and innovative services and solutions to our clients. And we play hard.

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We're more than just a consulting company.
Much more.