Project Management Professional Courses (PMP)®

Helping healthcare executives and professionals, streamline processes, lower risk, and increase revenue.

We’ve all been involved in projects that suffered from scope creep, budget overruns, and repeated delays. What differentiates the successful projects of high-performing organizations from those that fail to meet the mark? The answer is simple: seamless integration between project-management principles and business knowledge.

At ARDX, we know firsthand that effective project-management practices can help healthcare organizations improve efficiencies and achieve their strategic goals more cost-effectively. For years, we have drawn on standardized approaches, engaged executive sponsors, and certified project-management professionals to lift our own business and those of our clients toward the highest levels of performance.

In collaboration with the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and through our project management boot camps, ARDX University teaches industry best practices and prepares participants to obtain the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. Using relatable healthcare case studies, along with those from other industries, we demonstrate how to strategically align project management tools, organizational objectives, and the goals of constituent departments: human capital management/human resources, operations, finance, information technology (IT) and more.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Curriculum built on relevant, real-world healthcare cases drawn from participants’ own market sectors
  • Opportunities to network with other healthcare leaders and peers
  • Training delivered by experienced, certified PMI® Project Management Professionals
  • Full suite of study materials, including the 5th edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge

Full Course List

The Executive Project Management Boot Camp

This 4-day boot camp is designed specifically for healthcare executives and other senior leaders with broad oversight of and responsibility for multiple project implementations.

To request more information on this year’s course schedule, please click the link below.

The Project Management Boot Camp

Designed for managers, clinicians, and other healthcare professionals with responsibility for specific projects and programs within the organization, this 4-day boot camp will help prepare you for the PMP Certification.

To request more information on this year’s course schedule, please click the link below.